Conveyancing for buyers

An essential step in ensuring that buying a new home goes through without problems is the appointment of an experienced, proactive conveyancing solicitor. Representing your legal interests throughout the process, your solicitor will:
  • Complete all ID documentation and instruction forms
  • Review seller’s contracts and confirm their legal title
  • Raise enquiries about the property’s use and history
  • Order searches from local authorities, Environment Agency etc
  • Confirm mortgage arrangements and represent lender’s interests
  • Agree terms of contract and set completion date
  • Exchange contracts and complete
  • Finalise Stamp Duty payment, Land Registry formalities and transfer of title deeds
Here at Edwards, we work regularly with a number of local conveyancing solicitors and would be happy to arrange a selection of no obligation quotes so that you have some comparable evidence to review before making your final choice.
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Expert conveyancing for sellers from AFG Law

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring home ownership from one party to another. At AFG LAW, our residential property team have many years of experience in guiding your sale through as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Your professional team can make all the difference to your sale experience.

As Edwards’ Conveyancing Partners, we can assure you of a professional, attentive and transparent service in all your dealings with us. As solicitors, we are also able to handle any unforeseen legal matters that may arise relating to the sale of your property in-house without having to appoint a third party; an important point to consider when instructing a conveyancer.

The appointment of an experienced and proactive conveyancing solicitor as early as possible – even before you have a buyer – allows us to speed up the process by preparing the necessary documentation in advance ready for the sale to proceed smoothly.

Working on your behalf we will:

  • • Agree and explain fees up front so you have no surprise bills
  • • Complete the Property Information Forms
  • • Draft the initial sale contract and issue to buyer’s solicitor
  • • Respond to all enquiries raised by buyer’s solicitor
  • • If applicable, contact your mortgage lender to obtain a redemption certificate
  • • Agree terms of the contract and set your completion date
  • • Exchange contracts and complete
  • • Manage all financials and transfer of title deeds

As your dedicated conveyancing solicitor, we are here to make your property sale as hassle free as it can be – you can speak to us on 01204 377600 whenever you need to.

Our conveyancing Directors are:

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