The name Rivington is made up of the Old English words riv or hreof, meaning ‘rough’ and tun meaning settlement or place. Settlements have existed here possibly as far back as the Bronze Age with evidence of Anglo- Saxon inhabitants before the village and its lands became the home of a branch of the Pilkington Family in 1290. The family owned the estate, extending Rivington Hall and Rivington Hall Barn, rebuilding the chapel and founding Rivington Grammar School in the 15th and 16th centuries. A series of families of title owned the estate, with John Andrews of  Little Lever responsible for building the Pike Tower in 1733. The manor and the estate were acquired from the Cromptons, who had lived there since 1834, by William Hesketh Lever – Lord Leverhulme who, following compulsory purchase of the estate by Liverpool Corporation as part of its reservoir scheme in 1902, created the 364 acre Lever Park with its famous barns, Oriental Gardens, Pigeon Tower and stunning walks in what became known as the Little Lake District following the creation of the reservoirs.