Properties in Egerton

With a superb stock of stone cottage properties dating back almost 200 years, prices in Egerton are around 10 – 15% higher than Bromley Cross, with these cottages starting from around £120,000 all the way to over £200,000 for larger homes. The village features a mixture of 60’s and 70’s style homes such as The Hall Coppice – with detached family properties for around £200,000/ £220,000 –  and Briggs Fold Road – bungalows, semi-detached and detached from £150,000 through £200,000. Executive developments, such as Higher Dunscar, can command from £250,000 to beyond £500,000 and luxury barn and farm conversions and bespoke luxury properties can exceed the £1,000,000 mark. Renting is also popular in Egerton with cottages from £500 to beyond £700 per month and luxury bespoke homes climbing easily beyond the £1000 per month bracket. A beautiful and much sought after village, Egerton offers something for everyone, with a real village feel and marvellous countryside just on the outskirts of Bolton.